SEO tools are an Internet marketer’s best friend, but most of them are garbage. How many times have you seen a “Free Software!” prompt, downloaded it and saw that the program was actually worth. Getting free software is great, but finding programs that you will actually use is a different story. I also don’t know how many times I have found a free software download and the software has actually been free.Well, in light of my distaste for how people toss free software onto BrotherSoft, cNet and other websites, while knowing that they are not free or that the trial features are not very helpful, I decided that I would put together a list of great free SEO tools for internet marketer.

Here’s My List:

1. WonderWare Sitemap Generator

This tool is by far one of the best SEO tools that I have ever worked with. It does so much that I can’t believe it’s free. The WonderWare Sitemap Generator has the ability to crawl any website and extract every URL on the website or blog.I use this thing for creating sitemaps and extracting the URLs on my tiered linking sites. For instance, I like to feed my blogs through to different social networking sites.When I need to do an SENuke blast of my Tumblr account, I fire up WonderWare and extract all of the URLs in less than a minute. I can then export these URLs into SENuke for backlinking. It’s awesome, it’s free and you’ll use it every day. It’s one of the best SEO tips I can give you.

2. Sick Marketing Link Index Checker:

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Completely free and unbelievably useful, the Sick Marketing Link Index Checker is one of the best tools out there for finding out if your backlinks have been indexed. This tool checks for your links on Bing and Google with one click of a button.You can even control the amount of threads that you have running so you can speed up the process.If you find out that there are a lot of backlinks that have not been indexed, you can export these in a single file to send over to Linkilicous or a pinger.The Sick Marketing Link Index Checker is an essential for all marketers who use Magic Submitter, Sick Submitter, SENuke XCR, RankBuilder NEO or any other submission tool.

3. Security Kiss

Can’t find good proxies? Don’t want to pay for a VPN service? SecurityKiss has been an awesome way to circumnavigate all of those little annoyances that plague the Internet marketing world, primarily IP banning.When you fire up Security Kiss it gives you a new IP from a different place in the world. Disconnect and then reconnect and you will be given a different IP. This is great for using submission software like SENuke because your backlinks will have different IPs registered to them.I’ve talked about this tool before, but if you’re unfamiliar you get 300MB per day. This is more than enough bandwidth for a day of blasting. Just remember to disconnect before verifying your email accounts.

4. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis has been another one of the best SEO tools for my marketing efforts. I started out with the free version and then got the pro version after a few months of debate.I couldn’t be happier with the service. If you just want the free version, which works well but was not enough for me, you can optimize all of your blog posts, do keyword searches and look at your competition. The free version optimizes your blog posts 100% but you will only get trial results for the other options.In my opinion, the paid version is much better and can start giving your results in just a few weeks. However, if you’re just looking for a blog post optimizer, the free version is enough.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox has changed the way that I stay organized with my marketing efforts. If you’re like me, you need a place to keep all of your backlinking lists, keyword lists, ad campaign HTML, blog pictures, passwords, usernames, and scraped content. It can get extremely confusing if you’re not organized.I also run various programs across 4 different computers so getting data from one system to the next was a nightmare until I started using Dropbox. Download it on all of your computers and start getting organized.You will be surprised how often you drop data across your network to be used on different systems. This is also great for taking your laptop around so you have all of your lists, passwords, etc, anywhere you go.


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Ahrefs has been another one of the best seo tool for monitoring your backlinks and seo ranking, I use ahrefs to monitor my backlinks and my competitors seo ranking. It comes with a bunch of tools which can be very helpful when examining your competitors website. It can also be used to find high quality link opportunities from high authority sites using the broken link building technique. But it’s free version only allows limited number of crawls per day but you can still get huge information, My recommendation is to upgrade to it;s pro version which is great and also provides more awesome features.